Rosa Sparks shares “We Have The Right to a Healthy Environment”.

It shouldn't be controversial to recognize that we can't live well without clean air and water, toxic-free food and the numerous services that diverse ecosystems provide.

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https://youtu.be/crg2RuKQpdE https://youtu.be/MtGUTs_HgcE https://youtu.be/pXe8MpU7uzk https://youtu.be/B4-L2nfGcuE https://youtu.be/WtoxxHADnGk https://youtu.be/iFtLQuXZD0s https://youtu.be/AN7Ddt-2cp4 https://youtu.be/n6iWEpDPEtQ

VIDEO | Nature Forest 4K Scenery

It's well-known that forest atmosphere has a wholesome effect on emotional state. It helps relax and calm down, improves sleep. Research suggests that if...
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