Shanghai lockdown has global ripple effect, EU firms start to feel China’s shipping delay | DW News


Shanghai – China’s most populous city and commercial hub – has been in a strict lockdown for about a month.

Residents are only allowed to leave their homes in a few parts of the city. And while the port has been in operation, many exports are not leaving Shanghai because port workers and truck drivers, who transport the goods to and from the port are also affected by the lockdown. Right now, around a third of the 1,800 container ships stuck in the world, are in or around Shanghai. The city’s hard lockdock is affecting global supply chains. Many companies, which produce in China, haven’t been getting their goods and parts for nearly three weeks. It takes between 5 and 8 weeks for these container ships to make it from China to Germany so businesses here and elsewhere in Europe, are just starting to feel the problems. Meanwhile there’s a plan underway to isolate dock workers, in an attempt to keep the Shanghai port operational.


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