Is war with Ukraine just the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s master plan? | 60 Minutes Australia

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As if war in Ukraine, missile attacks, jet fighters screaming overhead and tanks bullying their way through suburban streets wasn’t already terrifying enough, the world must now also accept a sobering truth: this is just the beginning. The architect of this catastrophe, Russia’s autocratic leader Vladimir Putin, has a masterplan that doesn’t stop with punishing 44 million Ukrainian citizens. With the collapse of Kyiv, Putin will look elsewhere in eastern Europe to prove his dominance. And in this very deliberate bid to wreak havoc, he’s prepared to damn international law, and damn the west.

Admired by former President Donald Trump and feared by his rivals, Putin: The New Tsar is an enthralling BBC political documentary on BBC Select that reveals the story of Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary rise to power.

From a lowly KGB colonel to Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man and ultimately his successor, those from his inner circle, both close friends and bitter enemies, describe his often harsh methods.

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