Protect the Escarpment from Inappropriate Development


Protect the Escarpment from Inappropriate Development

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The South Georgian Bay region is home to diverse and unique wildlife – and some of the most stunning natural features in Ontario. In fact, the Escarpment which runs throughout the area has been recognized by the United Nations as a UNESCO World Biosphere Site. This natural beauty and the vibrant wildlife in the Escarpment must be protected for future generations.

The plants and animals need uninterrupted corridors of natural green space to continue thriving – shared spaces which humans can also use for responsible recreation. Our approach to the environment we cohabit needs to be one of responsibly sharing with nature and balancing growth and economic development with a deep respect for the area’s ecosystems and a primary goal of conservation.

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance believes we need to:·       
Stop inappropriate development;·       
Conserve our natural heritage for future generations; and·       
Create interconnected trails and recreation spaces.This approach to the environment, development, and planning needs to be community driven and led with a provincial framework protecting this unique, internationally recognized, natural environment.

We all must do our part and urge our politicians to take immediate action.Therefore, we the undersigned:
1.     Call upon the Ontario provincial government enact legislation which would prevent large-scale development on the Escarpment lands (such as the proposed subdivision on the 1,500 acres of the Castle Glen Forest); and
2.     That the Ontario government permanently protect this environmentally significant ecosystem through legislation and committed funding which creates interconnected corridors of natural spaces for shared wildlife and recreational uses.

Actions speak louder than words – if you are in favour of an Escarpment that is preserved for many years to come, please sign your name and join us in calling on the provincial government to legislate an end to inappropriate development and a plan to preserve the natural beauty of the South Georgian Bay region.My Escarpment is a green Escarpment. Is yours?
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