Invest in Healthcare Not Highways

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Healthcare in this province is in crisis.

And while hospitals across the province struggle with staff shortages and ER closures, Doug Ford has $25 billion committed to building new highways, including Highway 413 and the Holland Marsh Highway – two projects that will pave over prime farmland, threaten local food supply, destroy natural habitat and increase carbon pollution. 

The Premier needs to get his priorities straight.

Tell Doug Ford To Invest In Healthcare Not Highways

Currently, Ontario’s per-capita spending on healthcare is the lowest in all of Canada. Imagine the massive, positive impact all those highway billions could have in shoring up our hospitals and giving healthcare workers decent wages and benefits. 

It’s time for the Ford government to prioritize your health over more destructive sprawl.

Help us call on Doug Ford to invest in healthcare, not climate-polluting highways.


Ard Van Leeuwen
President Ontario Greens

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