Honouring Pink Shirt Day this February 23rd

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Collingwood, ON  – Bullying impacts all of us, as children and adults. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. On February 23rd communities across Canada and globally will stand together against bullying.

In honour of Pink Shirt Day we wear pink as a symbol of solidarity against bullying and to communicate to others that they are not alone.

Beginning February 21st, Breaking Down Barriers will be sharing pink ribbons across the community with the ask to, ‘lift each other up’, a theme of Pink Shirt Day.

“Inclusion should be more than acceptance, it’s feeling safe to live the way you choose. Join this anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness and stand up against bullying,” says Tracey MacLeod, Independent Living Skills Coordinator with Breaking Down Barriers.

When we ‘lift each other up’ we extend kindness, acceptance and respect for one another. Pink Shirt Day reminds us that our diversity is our strength and when we lift each other up we build an inclusive community.

Bullying can take many forms ranging from physical aggression or verbal attacks to purposeful exclusion and cyberbullying. 

While bullying and harassment are similar in that someone is hurt by another, harassment differs in that it is a form of discrimination, treating another person poorly or differently because of age, race, abilities, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, family status, martial status and physical or mental disability.

On February 23rd at 11:00 a.m., Trevor Henson an advocate and founder of the anti-bullying club will raise a Pink Shirt Day flag with Mayor Saunderson at the Community Flag Pole at the Collingwood Public Library in honour of the day and as a message of encouragement to spread kindness.

This Pink Shirt Day please choose to wear pink and, on this day, and every day look for ways to ‘lift each other up.’  Pink ribbons will be available at Town Hall and the Collingwood Public Library, beginning February 22nd while supplies last.

Government of Canada – Bullying Resources
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Kids Help Phone


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