A humble prediction for what comes after Omicron


For the fourth time in two years, things are beginning to settle down after a terrifying wave of the latest Covid-19 variant.

Dr. Kent Sepkowitz

Here is my prediction. There will be more surges. Some will be mild, some won’t be so mild. Some will escape vaccine-induced immunity, some won’t. And everyone will blame someone for something.

My thinking is this: After four distinct surges, each with a lead viral variant, why would there not be five? Yes, we are a much more immune public with primed T-cells from disease or vaccine or both, but this immunity failed to blunt the Omicron surge just a few months ago.

What is different now? Many turn to the story of the 1918 flu, a 15-month, three-wave experience, to inform their predictions regarding Covid-19, hewing to the Santayana adage that “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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